Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cisco Unveils Vision of Future Cities at Incheon Global Fair & Festival

SEOUL, Korea - August 6, 2009 - Cisco will demonstrate its Smart+Connected Communities vision for cities of the future at the Incheon Global Fair and Festival.

The Cisco® Smart+Connected Communities initiative aims to help cities and communities around the world use the network as the platform to transform how citizens use utilities, safety and security measures, connected real estate, transportation, health care, learning, sports venues and government services. Smart+Connected Communities solutions address the demand of increasingly urbanised populations by providing a network-enabled blueprint for successful 'smart' cities of the future that run on networked information.

Cisco will present its Smart+Connected Communities vision at the Cisco 'Global Cities of the Future' pavilion at the Global Fair & Festival, which opens Aug. 7 and runs for 80 days.

Wim Elfrink, chief globalisation officer and executive vice president of Cisco Services, said, "We believe the network can truly be the platform for transforming cities, communities and countries. Cisco's presence at the Incheon Global Fair and Festival is further evidence of our commitment to collaborate with the Incheon Free Economic Zone and cities around the world to help them use technology for increased environmental, social and economic sustainability."

The Cisco pavilion showcases six solutions: Cisco Virtual Information Desk, Cisco TelePresenceTM, Cisco community and connection services, security operations, building control, and green energy.

# Cisco Virtual Information Desk provides remote management functions that allow a receptionist to effectively welcome visiting customers from multiple locations.

# Virtual Information Desk is an environmentally friendly solution that helps reduce commuting and labor costs as well as energy consumption.

# Cisco TelePresence is a cutting-edge video conferencing solution with full high-definition video and high-quality audio combined with interactive conferencing functions that maximize the feeling of in-person interactions.

# Cisco community and connection services allow citizens to get remote health care and public services at home through Cisco Customer TelePresence by directly connecting to hospitals and public organizations.

# Cisco security operations are shown in building management and monitoring systems based on an Internet Protocol (IP) network. A closed-circuit television gives an operator in a control room the experience of real-time security and precautions. The comprehensive Inno-Watch solution can control CCTV images and external signals.

# The building control center allows visitors to experience IP-based intelligent building systems that address a number of integration, security and centralized monitoring issues. The building control center integrates IP operations and management to reduce operating costs and increase the asset value of buildings. Users can also access services such as meeting room reservations from their IP phone, digital media systems or PDA.

# The green energy exhibit showcases the Cisco EnergyWise solution, which deals with energy savings and environmental issues in office buildings and homes. Based on Cisco's router, switch and data center platform technologies, Cisco EnergyWise helps monitor energy consumption thus prevents unnecessary energy consumption.

In line with its pavilion, Cisco will provide a comprehensive Customer Briefing Center program for enterprise customers. Cisco is also scheduled to hold the Sustainable Cities of the Future Conference in Incheon on Sept. 18, which will bring together thought leaders from government and developers.

As part of the Cisco 'Global Cities of the Future' pavilion opening event, Cisco will provide free entry tickets to 50 people for the Incheon Global Fair and Festival and an opportunity to use Cisco TelePresence to meet with friends and relatives abroad.

About Incheon Global Fair and Festival
With the theme of 'Lightening Tomorrow', Global Fair & Festival 2009 Incheon will take place from Aug. 7 to Oct. 25, 2009. Hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City and organized by 2009 Incheon Global Fair & Festival Organizing Committee, the Incheon Global Fair and Festival will be held in Songdo International City.

Source: Official Press Release, Cisco

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