Saturday, May 1, 2010

For managing multiple channels for room-distribution to maintaining rate parity across all channels

RateGain, one of the most awarded travel technology companies, offers a channel and inventory management solution for Hoteliers worldwide.

ChannelGain, a Channel & Inventory Management solution for Hoteliers
From managing multiple channels for room-distribution to maintaining rate parity across all channels, ChannelGain helps more than 2000 hoteliers perform tedious tasks easily and efficiently. This product is a web-based platform with the capability of managing multiple extranets. Rates, inventory and restrictions can be managed across multiple merchant and retail distribution sites from the efficiency of a single interface.

Features: -
• A web-based platform to manage your online distribution from any location globally

• Manage unlimited channels and truly exploit the long tail of online distribution

• Ensure rate parity across all channels and manage multiple channels from a common pool of inventory

• With Linked Rooms, the most popular time-saving feature, use one single master room to apply price updates for several room types on different channels

• RMS integrations allow you to view the rate recommendations from systems inside of ChannelGain and accept, modify or reject them before pushing to the channels

• 90-day updates feature allows you to update the whole year ahead in just four updates

• Ability to manage channels and partners that do not have an extranet and generally send updates via email

• 24 x 7 x 365 support with pre-defined turnaround times (SLA) irrespective of time zone you are in

• Fetch reservation information from channels via BookingFetch functionality

To know more about this channel & inventory management solution and for a product demo, please visit or contact me.

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