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BPO Sector Outlook

According to:

Dick Vleesenbeek
- Talent shortages are driving labour markets to become increasingly more global, competitive, and employee-driven
- BPO predicted to be an $80B industry by 2009/10
- RPO (subset of BPO) estimated to grow into a $20B by 2009/10
- Vendor Management Solutions (Managed Service Provider) Market predicted to grow to be $4.2B by 2009/10
- Clients are searching for true global solutions and partners
- Trend toward complex, comprehensive solutions (workforce management models) to blend the expertise of internal/external partners
- The trend toward solutions providing off-shoring and shared service components continues
- Staffing and consulting firms face an environment of evolving legislation, increasing consolidation, and technological advancements impacting the business

Atul Subbiah
Manager - M&A Strategy at Deloitte Consulting

1. The coming of age of the major Indian suppliers
2. The unbundling of contracts where deal size is getting smaller
3. Contracts are getting shorter and work is being spread across multiple providers
4. Large deals are being split, with an increase in number of multi vendor contracts leveraging the near shore and offshore options
5. Large outsourcing contracts signed in the 1990s are coming up for re-bidding

Sunmeet Jolly
A Dropping Dollar may affect the attractiveness and ROI in Outsourcing Industry. The trend needs to be watched carefully over next 2-3 years. Rising wages in Outsourcing Providing Countries also adds to the marging pressures. But Demand for Outsourced Services will definitely increase as projected by Analyst firms. Its likely to become a high volume game and we can see some consolidation on vendor side.

Deverick McIntyre PMP
Industry Leader on China's IT & outsourcing industry

Packaged ITO+BPO+ Infrastructure Management Outsourcing is a significant new trend. We have seen this type of consolidation especially in the Financial Services industry, where, for example, the IT system supporting the outsourced business process is hosted and administered by the same vendor.

It makes sense for many clients to consolidate the BPO and IT contracts with the one vendor to achieve synergies and manage risks. This is not good news for pure BPO players, however for the large Indian outsourcers such as Infosys, TATA and Wipro, as well as international players IBM, Accenture, Cap Gemini etc, it is a perfect fit with their broad solution sets.

Packaged IT/BPO contracts are much larger than pure BPO deals and this trend has led to the increasing use of sourcing consultants such as TPI, Everest Group or smaller players such as TaidaL for thorough due diligence.

The other equally important new trend is contract pricing based on client business revenue/risk. Mainly seen in ITO contracts, the trend to package ITO with BPO will result in more innovative BPO contracts using client business based pricing. It is an interesting trend which has come about as clients force consulting companies pushing solutions to "put their money where their mouth is" and invest in the outcome. "If this solution is good for my business then partner with us in the upside (and downside) risk"

Hossam Elgamal
General Manager of GNSE Group

the Global Business Process Outsourcing sector and just after the launch of the latest ATKearny report, shows a tough competition between different emerging players and existing well established ones like India.
this competition is certainly in the favor of the business, shaping up the processes, increasing the quality and diversifying the options and resources in such global industry.
the result in the coming 1-3 years would certainly be a more rewarding choice to clients with less risk and a more framed quality of delivery, more important an observation that is taking place currently where giant players (indian ones like Satyam, TATA, WIPRO...) are having competency centers outside India to diversify their offering, minimize the risk, better control the cost and benefit more of the other countries benefits... thus becoming truely global... which in turn would lead those countries of choice to learn from the experience, build the expertise and start becoming important players in that market..

but mostly important is the fact that Clients will benefit further and more clearer from the BPO, which will come to a maturity stage.

a) the emerging significant developments/trends would be the diversifications of the countries for large BPO players, and the globalizations in the true meaning of the services.

b) driving this trend are: 1. the clients experience and need for better risk management, further more options and choices, better quality, managed cost. 2. the Giant BPO players need to maintain competitive advantage, and capitalizing on the globalization opportunity 3. the Awarness of the emerging countries in that industry, their government support, and their industry maturity.

c) as i said, the key players are moving more agressively into a globalized diversified offering, not standing still in one country only. example for that WIPRO and SATYAM moved recently to open competency centers with 1000s of resources in Egypt, as the government is agressively supporting the initiative by providing incentives, and building the capacity of the local resources, while cost is very competitive and mastering arabic as well as different european languages help providing a competitive advantage!!

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