Monday, August 13, 2007

Indian M&A Deals Update (Mar-July 07)

North America and Asia were the favourite hunting grounds of India Inc on global acquisition chase as the takeovers deals in these region touched $7 billion and $4.2 billion in the first four months of 2007-08, according to Assocham Eco Pulse Study (AEP). India Inc's global acquisition deals have been worth $15.3 billion. Deals with US-based companies worth $5.1 billion were accomplished during the period April-July 2007 as tracked by the AEP in Study on Mergers & Acquisitions during April-July 2007-08. Tata Group was at the forefront with their total deal values worth $2.13 billion in steel, hospitality and automotives sector. Essar Group acquired Minnesota Steel for $1.65 billion in the US. Reliance Communication expanded to US communications market by acquiring Yipes for $300 million while Infosys plans to acquire Phillips Global for $200 million. Another big acquisition was that of Globeleq by D S Construction for $542 million.

"The equation of business relations with the western countries is undergoing a significant change. Indian business leaders are aiming inorganic expansion through the most industrialised country of the world", said Venugopal Dhoot, President, Assocham, commenting on the success of Indian entrepreneurs in acquiring high value companies based in US. Metal companies in Canada were traced by the Indian bluechips with the war chest of $1.7 billion. Whereas Essar Global acquired Algoma Steel for $1.58 billion, Aditya Birla acquired announced take over of Utkal Alumina International for $0.19 billion. Among the Asian countries, Vietnam was the largest receiver of the deal money as Tata Steel entered into a joint venture with Vietnam Steel with 65% stake for $3.5 billion. Indonesia, Israel and Singapore are the other nations.

12 August 2007, Excerpts sourced from Financial Express

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